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  • 11 mar. 2018

  • Argentina 4-3 Brazil , Brazil 3-4 Argentina || Lionel Messi vs Brazil , The Day Lionel Messi Beat Brazil Alone All by Himself with a Hat-trick & Shocked The Football World ||


  • Yaswanth
    Yaswanth Hace 2 años

    Higuan missing chances back then tooo.......!!!!!! Holy shittt......

  • Yoisdel Sigler
    Yoisdel Sigler Hace 4 meses

    Love it him or hate him, that last goal was something else

  • Mostafa K Limon
    Mostafa K Limon Hace 1 mes


  • Jake T
    Jake T Hace 3 meses

    Messi has “shocked the whole world” like 55 times. There is not the”day” but rather one of many..

  • Mihai Covacs
    Mihai Covacs Hace 5 meses

    Que jogo fantástico. Sou brasileiro e admiro muito o Messi, um excelente jogador.

  • Marco Lamb
    Marco Lamb Hace 2 años

    Messi doesn't owe Argentina a world cup.

  • Cr Santos
    Cr Santos Hace 4 meses

    Messi carrying all Argentina on his own, doesn't matter when you read it.

  • general adorni
    general adorni Hace 3 semanas


  • Brian Boi
    Brian Boi Hace 1 mes

    What a magical moment without covid. Hugs and kisses.

  • Chuba Kichu
    Chuba Kichu Hace 3 meses

    Even after the video ended , i can still hear "goallllllllllllllllllllllll"

  • CHASE Bhengu
    CHASE Bhengu Hace 2 años

    Neymar looks like a kung fu fighter hilarious 😂

  • Daniel Bolos
    Daniel Bolos Hace 2 semanas

    Fact: Messi can outrun any defender while keeping the ball within 1 metre from him... Most players in order to accelerate kick the ball forward... not this guy. There will never be anyone like him again.

  • Lâm Vũ Tùng
    Lâm Vũ Tùng Hace 3 meses

    summario: Neymar iss youngo, Messi iss talento, Higuain iss uselessio

  • Themba Sapam
    Themba Sapam Hace 2 meses

    I really pray that Goat 🐐 wins the WC in the next WC.

  • Junior Shah
    Junior Shah Hace 2 semanas

    I just realized Argentina's defense has always been the worst. And they and their country people expect Messi to lift a world.

  • Kaneez E Hussain
    Kaneez E Hussain Hace 2 años

    Legend Messi shocked the whole world everyday by his magical outstanding skills

  • maimonguy
    maimonguy Hace 2 meses

    For all those who wonder: this game took place in June 9th, 2012, as part of Brasil's under 23 preparations to London Olympic games.

  • dance club
    dance club Hace 1 mes

    11.30 best magic Messi 10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥❣️ all time favourite

  • Binyam Abebe
    Binyam Abebe Hace 1 mes

    I have never been so sure of the saying a person” born to do something “

  • Ahmed Abdullahi
    Ahmed Abdullahi Hace 3 meses

    From Messi's 2nd goal u learn trust fans started celebrating when he got the ball