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  • 28 jun. 2016

  • Official HD Video for Gorillaz' fantastic track Feel Good Inc. Follow Gorillaz online: http://gorillaz.com http://facebook.com/Gorillaz http://twitter.com/GorillazBand http://instagram/Gorillaz For more information on Gorillaz don't forget to check out the official website at http://www.gorillaz.com


  • CRiiXo
    CRiiXo Hace 2 años (editado)

    I remember listening this on MTV about 10 years ago imitating the girl that uses the guitar with the head down lol

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    Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020.

  • Arthrub
    Arthrub Hace 3 semanas (editado)

    96K dislikes are people at Feel Terrible Corp.

  • H
    H Hace 3 semanas

    gorillaz: literally puts 'feel good' in the song title

  • Short Filmzz
    Short Filmzz Hace 3 semanas

    Let’s be honest,

  • JaxBlade
    JaxBlade Hace 2 años


  • J Vex
    J Vex Hace 3 semanas

    I totally forgot this masterpiece was a thing until gta’s radio said “feel good” lol

  • Sakura Mio
    Sakura Mio Hace 3 semanas

    Before I was a fan. After hearing this masterpiece. Now I'm whole air conditioner.

  • CrazyComedyKid
    CrazyComedyKid Hace 2 semanas

    I just realised the little hums are saying "Feel good".

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker Hace 1 semana

    This song gives me a vibe that nothing else does. Its like sad/nostalgia but still an underlying happiness

  • The Groovy Guitar Dude
    The Groovy Guitar Dude Hace 4 años

    Omg where is my iPod nano, I need to blare this for hours and hours just like in Jr. High again

  • Lil_DingleChalk
    Lil_DingleChalk Hace 2 semanas

    Everybody gangster Until Noodle pull up with the flying island

  • tristan hay
    tristan hay Hace 5 días

    No ones talkin’ about how fat the bass line is tho...

  • Olivia Gallo
    Olivia Gallo Hace 4 días

    why is no one talking about how this is one of the best songs written in 2000s and still hasn't got 1 billion views

  • Brunno Moura
    Brunno Moura Hace 2 semanas

    City's breaking down on a camel's back

  • HoodoHoodlumsRevenge
    HoodoHoodlumsRevenge Hace 4 años


  • FBI
    FBI Hace 2 semanas

    96k Dislikes are from people who think kids bop wrote this.

  • Juan Moreno
    Juan Moreno Hace 1 semana

    Anyone else remember seeing this on adult swim sometimes at night? They wouldn’t play the whole thing but like a minute or something till the next show came on and I’d be kinda freaked out but soooo interested in this song when I was younger. Never heard a song like this before it. Nostalgia is the best and worst feeling...

  • pauma
    pauma Hace 1 semana (editado)


  • Nyash
    Nyash Hace 2 semanas

    Everybody gangsta until feel bad inc come rolling in