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  • 7 sept. 2010

  • Follow Gorillaz online: http://gorillaz.com http://facebook.com/Gorillaz http://twitter.com/GorillazBand https://instagram.com/gorillaz Stream Gorillaz on Spotify: http://bit.ly/1kvIyPR Music video by Gorillaz performing Stylo. (P) 2010 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records


  • Mattias Pilhede
    Mattias Pilhede Hace 1 año

    Yeah it's good Fantano

  • Omae Wa
    Omae Wa Hace 4 meses

    This song better be in a radio channel in GTA 6. Imagine getting chased by cops and this song plays

  • Dovey
    Dovey Hace 2 meses

    I love at

  • SpiicyRamen
    SpiicyRamen Hace 3 meses

    I can’t get over Murdocs face when he’s rolling up the window

  • PacoEliel Zuniga
    PacoEliel Zuniga Hace 2 meses

    Everyone: panicking while getting shot at

  • The Official Barack Obama YouTube Channel

    Someone: Points a gun at you.

  • Its Harry Newman.tf2
    Its Harry Newman.tf2 Hace 1 semana

    Remember guys Bruce Willis is now apart of the gorillaz universe which means he's also apart of the powderpuff girls universe

  • 2D
    2D Hace 4 meses

    Mind if i sing a tune while we get shot at murdoc?

  • Matias theproYT
    Matias theproYT Hace 3 meses

    Lyrics: Love, Electricity, Shockwave central

  • Avulso
    Avulso Hace 1 mes

    cool song and all but why is bruce willis trying to kill cgi people

  • Enforma
    Enforma Hace 1 año


  • Enalon Drägø
    Enalon Drägø Hace 3 meses

    I’m sorry but at

  • Sunprism
    Sunprism Hace 3 meses

    Go for Bruce "Any character i'm playing is automatically a badass" Willis

  • Luke 07
    Luke 07 Hace 4 meses


  • Poke fusion Central !
    Poke fusion Central ! Hace 3 meses


  • Boxed_ Goat
    Boxed_ Goat Hace 3 años

    How does anyone agree to be in the car with Murdoc driving anymore?

  • The Yublo?
    The Yublo? Hace 1 mes (editado)


  • Zouly
    Zouly Hace 3 meses

    Why the hell is murdoc afraid?...

  • I will eat your soul
    I will eat your soul Hace 4 meses (editado)

    Russel turned into a car that’s why he’s not here

  • froggy chair
    froggy chair Hace 2 meses

    murdoc driving: