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  • 4 mar. 2018

  • Messi Saving National Team Argentina from Humiliations || Messi Carrying Argentina National Team Alone Single Handedly ||


  • Messi Magic™
    Messi Magic™ Hace 2 años

    Carrying Dead Woods

  • Ludovic Breixo
    Ludovic Breixo Hace 2 años

    Argentinians need to respect and appreciate Messi more. They criticize the only Man that is giving their country hope. He’s not a 1 man team, if his teammates suck there’s not much more Messi can do...(This is coming from a Ronaldo fan) but I respect and recognize talent

  • Saleem Ahmed
    Saleem Ahmed Hace 2 años

    Pele became best footballer of the world by taking three world cup for his country and maradona turned in to a legend by taking a world cup for his country but messi became best fotballer of the planet by winning none... you dont need a world cup to become a legend... messi is best footballer so far world has ever experienced he is truely gifted and he is very close to ball... he can control the ball like nobody can

  • NIKE Risk Everything
    NIKE Risk Everything Hace 1 año

    Messi actually saves Argentina every time. Let's hope they win copa America this year.

  • KianChopper
    KianChopper Hace 2 años

    He's been the greatest since he was about 21, he's unbelievable

  • luis
    luis Hace 2 años

    I just saw Higuaín Missing a lot🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Santiago Barrera
    Santiago Barrera Hace 1 año

    I just realized...

  • Swarnabha Bose
    Swarnabha Bose Hace 2 años

    Once Napoleon said,"I am the revolution." It suits for Messi if he says he is Football....

  • Binod Budathoki
    Binod Budathoki Hace 2 años

    Argentinian are the World's Lucky Person Because they have the Best Footballer of All Time LIONEL_MESSI :) To Rescue

    SONU SARKAR Hace 2 años (editado)

    I don't see any another player do these things for their team so many times, still people hate him...the effort he puts in goals..he doesn't need a whole team to deliver the ball to his leg in the square...he solely can create opportunities for goals that the opponent haven't even think of...this guy is just so brilliant it's sad to see this much hard work go to waste..😔

  • Sarita Rani
    Sarita Rani Hace 2 años

    Although I'm a CR7 fan , I feel lucky to have witnessed Messi play even if Argentina doesn't win world cup even in Russia the blame shouldn't be on Messi he has done so much for his country he's just unlucky

  • A Cool Guy
    A Cool Guy Hace 2 años

    3 freekicks in 3 matches...

  • mouad atraki
    mouad atraki Hace 2 años

    When the video finished i was still shocked for a couple of minutes , wtf did i just saw , I'm a madrid fan and i'm always shocked and amazed by this guy and i can say that he is far better than ronaldo ( both legends ) this man is like no other , for guys who play football you can see that this is impossible to do , against huge internationnal teams with professionals , just amazing , huge respect to this guy

  • Aastik Mishra
    Aastik Mishra Hace 2 años

    The truth is is... Messi IS Argentina

    EMMA LIU Hace 2 años

    Look how many great opportunities that Messi created, and they are all wasted by those 'superstars', specially Higuaín! I feel so sorry for Messi about 2014 world cup, but the Argentina TEAM didn't deserve the second place. Argentina owes Messi a World Cup Trophy! May God save the king in 2018!

  • Videos Rancios
    Videos Rancios Hace 2 años

    Gente argentina valoremos a Messi cierren los ojos y piensen que en Qatar es su último mundial es su última oportunidad de ganar algo con argentina dejemos de criticar a alguien que dio todo por nuestro pais valoremos a ese que nos llevó a tres finales en un lapso de tres años se esta terminando la era Messi y es un privilegio vivirla . valorenla

  • Ken W Anderson
    Ken W Anderson Hace 2 años (editado)

    It's agonizing to see how Messi had to carry the whole team with everyone else botching almost every opportunity because of lousy hacking at the ball. I'm glad Lionel is sticking with Barca now.

  • DONPHAT Gaming
    DONPHAT Gaming Hace 1 año

    Yea.... How will Argentina win international trophy with all those player forward who couldn't even score with 1on1 with just the keeper.. So sorry for messi

  • Shamik Pandey
    Shamik Pandey Hace 1 mes

    Petition to change Higuain's name into

    BIG PHIL Hace 6 meses

    And then they say he hasn’t done anything for the national team