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  • 8 abr. 2020

  • FAN ART IMAGINES ROBERT PATTINSON AS THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS ------- Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video: 0:05 - SOUL (2020) Disney 2:25 - WALKAWAY JOE (2020) Jeffrey Dean Morgan 4:13 - THE FLOOD (2020) Drama 6:06 - BLUSH (2020) Wendi McLendon-Covey 7:17 - THE JACK IN THE BOX (2020) Horror 8:14 - HUMAN CAPITAL (2020) Liv Schreiber 10:38 - DREAMLAND (2020) Horror 12:27 - SPUTNIK (2020) Russian Sci-Fi 14:48 - AMAZING STORIES (2020) Steven Spielberg ------- Movie News, TV News, Spoilers & Leaks ------- New Facebook Page: ------- New Instagram: ------- Business Inquires? DCMA/Copyright Issues? Contact: Thadd R. - Owner/Operator @ LLC © 2020


  • R Adams
    R Adams Hace 6 meses


  • those replying to this are trolls

    entertainment industry is getting desperate the quality of new movies has dropped a lot

  • Helluminati
    Helluminati Hace 6 meses

    Ser Jorah Mormont and Queen Cersei together again. Ahhh.. good times...

  • Thomas Lucca
    Thomas Lucca Hace 6 meses

    When this first started I thought it was Wednesday my dudes 😂😂😂😂

  • Siderite Zackwehdex
    Siderite Zackwehdex Hace 6 meses

    Dreamland! Rollins and Lewis?! Sign me up!

  • MVM
    MVM Hace 6 meses

    Anyone know of the "THE FLOOD" trailer soundtrack?

  • Siderite Zackwehdex
    Siderite Zackwehdex Hace 6 meses

    Wait! A Russian The Thing?! Wonderful things are coming over.

  • LaAnn W
    LaAnn W Hace 6 meses (editado)

    Thanks so much for making a childhood fear of jack in the box come true.

  • Hozza
    Hozza Hace 6 meses

    sputnik looks good.

    RED CLOUD ALPHA Hace 6 meses

    The soul movie was the only one that looked remotely good. Even though after watching the preview we all know what the premise and conclusion are to the film. I'll still give it a watch when it's free to see.

  • Ego Self
    Ego Self Hace 2 meses


  • Antonio Leyba
    Antonio Leyba Hace 6 meses

    Soul movie basically ruined the whole plot

  • Daniel Laing Kalang
    Daniel Laing Kalang Hace 5 meses


  • diogenes koolaid
    diogenes koolaid Hace 6 meses (editado)

    jack in the box - "yeah Jack, give us more shoulder roll when you stand up out of the box, oh and then lean forward, snap your fingers, do the right foot/left foot cat walk and maybe top it off with jazz hands"....

  • skyclimber7
    skyclimber7 Hace 6 meses

    willie Wonka made the train. I love this theory

  • Ego Self
    Ego Self Hace 2 meses


  • Jyfoxx C
    Jyfoxx C Hace 6 meses

    Sputnik, trailer at

    BRIJ PATEL Hace 5 meses

    Who else came because the thumbnails looked like bendy and the ink machine chapter 5 monster Bendy

  • Ego Self
    Ego Self Hace 2 meses


  • Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez Hace 6 meses

    Seems like most of these where made at home