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  • 17 may. 2019

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  • Auriane Zzew
    Auriane Zzew Hace 1 año

    I am the only muslim in my family and it breaks my heart knowing I wont see them after death. May Allah grand my mother (and family) to Islam and InshaAllah to Jannah..💔

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Hace 1 año

    This reminder gave me much comfort after my mother passed away. She prayed asr than shortly after she had a heart attack. May Allah have mercy on her and give her Jannat-al-firdus alailla.

  • Alham Rana
    Alham Rana Hace 3 meses

    Dear Abbu, from the dayu passed away, I was looking forward to know exactly if I could ever get a chance to see you again, this hadith made me cry,it is not for ur absence, it was the tears of joy,in sha Allah I wiill see you again, sooner or later I will hug u, & will not let u go,

  • V L
    V L Hace 1 año

    Dadd Inshaallah i will see you and hug you again😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • FURQ4N1451
    FURQ4N1451 Hace 9 meses

    I can’t wait to meet the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)...

  • aliya sultana
    aliya sultana Hace 1 año

    My mom passed away 4 days ago in Madinah.. may Allah swt enter her Jannah... and mercy upon her.. in sha allah in sha allah may Allah Swt reunite us Jannah.. ameen

  • Farzana Islam
    Farzana Islam Hace 1 año

    As my knowledge about Islam grew more and more ... the fear of death no longer haunts me .. ever ...

  • Drny M
    Drny M Hace 1 año (editado)

    Tears 😥😥may we all meet prophet Muhammad pbuh in jannah in Sha Allah🤲🏻

  • Rowena myungjin
    Rowena myungjin Hace 1 año

    This gave me straight to face bravely the death inshaAllah ya rabb i would like to see my mother in heaven along with my sister and relatives....thanks alot to this story it makes me strong😊

  • Learn Arabic
    Learn Arabic Hace 1 año

    If you see my message please pray for my late parents !

  • Mikhail Macapanton
    Mikhail Macapanton Hace 1 año

    I wish when im die im in a good faith in islam. Ameen

  • P N
    P N Hace 1 año

    Ya Allah take our souls like U have taken the soul of believers (loved ones)..🙏Aameen

  • jabz zee
    jabz zee Hace 1 año (editado)

    Mum dad and brother miss you all inshallah we will meet again

  • subbly bubbly
    subbly bubbly Hace 1 año

    My dad passed away in march 2019 this video has given me some comfort...may allah grant my father and all murhooms jannat ul firdos

  • ItstheMOEdoe
    ItstheMOEdoe Hace 1 año

    I can't wait to meet my Mom again.

  • Muhammad Raza
    Muhammad Raza Hace 1 año

    This video gave me so much comfort and I'm sure it gave everyone else comfort for those that have recently passed away may Allah grant them all Jannah al Firdaws Ameen

  • endoneezer
    endoneezer Hace 1 año

    i cried at

  • Samea Safari
    Samea Safari Hace 1 año

    Lost my father 3 weeks ago and we are struggling every single second of our life, but thanks to Allah for giving us so much sabr!!! And can’t wait to see you dad and can’t wait to hug and chit chat with no stress ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster Hace 1 año (editado)


  • Shan Khan
    Shan Khan Hace 1 año

    May Allah SWT grant all of the Muslims the most painless, peaceful, easy, and best of deaths as true Muslims on the straight path; the path of Islam. The path of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace & blessings be showered upon him. May Allah SWT be pleased with us all...Ameen!