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  • 19 oct. 2018

  • ASTROWORLD OUT NOW SICKO MODE OUT NOW Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca Travis Scott online: Epic / Cactus Jack (c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle. #TravisScott #SickoMode #Vevo


  • Kadz
    Kadz Hace 2 años


  • Orange Crewmate
    Orange Crewmate Hace 2 días

    6 year olds: Its not Halloween yet so why is he dressed up as Travis Scott from fortnite??

  • It'sSuperheroTime
    It'sSuperheroTime Hace 1 día

    7-year-olds: That the guy from fo-

  • Sonny Huxley
    Sonny Huxley Hace 19 horas

    Me and the boys be like Astro, yeah

  • Vlad Hnitsa
    Vlad Hnitsa Hace 20 horas

    Producer: how many songs do you want in one song?

  • Some Random Guy On Youtube

    This song is when you're working on a group project, and everyone makes their part look different.

  • Emu Mate
    Emu Mate Hace 2 días

    Director: How many after effects do you want Mr. Scott?

  • Batッ
    Batッ Hace 2 días

    When everyone sees a red smoke coming from the distance

  • Huncho Jack
    Huncho Jack Hace 2 días

    Vou fazer uma música com Travis Scott ainda!Vocês Acreditam que posso conseguir?Quero ser igual a ele!

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    2 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.

  • TheGameSalmon
    TheGameSalmon Hace 1 año

    "Sweet Victory" sounds a lot different than I remember...

  • Alex B
    Alex B Hace 1 día

    Fortnite kid: It’s the guy from the event

  • Eden Boom
    Eden Boom Hace 1 día


  • Help me reach 1k subscribers Before 2021

    Fun fact : Nobody cares if you are listening to this song in october 2020

  • Cloud Smoker Kxnt
    Cloud Smoker Kxnt Hace 4 días

    Artist:makes a song that talks about killing others and jail and gang

  • Stephen Marchegiani
    Stephen Marchegiani Hace 1 año

    Travis Scott: Yes

  • i like cheese
    i like cheese Hace 2 días

    sounds like that one song in that one fortnite event

  • You Get 1000% Luck if You subscribe
    You Get 1000% Luck if You subscribe Hace 2 días (editado)

    Minute of silence for the father who saw his daughter in here

  • Stephen Tharp
    Stephen Tharp Hace 2 días

    Nothin like buyin kush from a guy on a horse in the hood. Used to be somewhat common in West Dallas

  • TheHedgehog
    TheHedgehog Hace 19 horas

    Director: How many after effects do you want Mr. Scott?