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  • 20 jul. 2018

  • This is the playlist of my most favourite epic music tracks from Two Steps From Hell. Hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe for more epic music. Genre: Trailer Music - Epic music - Emotional music - Choir/Orchestra/Vocal Tracklist: 00:00:00 Heart Of Courage 00:01:57 Protectors Of The Earth 00:04:48 Winterspell 00:08:09 Victory 00:13:30 Blackheart 00:17:55 El Dorado 00:22:09 Strength of a Thousand Men 00:24:28 Northern Pastures 00:26:39 After The Fall 00:29:06 Love & Loss 00:30:57 Birth of a Hero 00:33:10 Never Back Down 00:36:06 Secret Melody 00:39:51 Unleashed 00:44:42 Flight Of The Silverbird 00:48:36 Freedom Fighters 00:51:09 For The Win 00:53:20 Breathe 00:56:15 Black Blade 00:59:23 Invincible 01:02:16 Magika 01:04:15 Pegasus 01:08:45 Archangel 01:11:21 Riders 01:14:54 Compass _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ THANKS ALL THE ARTISTS FOR THEIR AMAZING MUSIC & ARTWORKS! You guys can find their information below, go check their sites and support them! Music by Two Steps From Hell. Follow them on Facebook: You can buy more of TSFH music here: iTunes: Amazon: CDBaby: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Artworks list: 1. Farewell 2 by 88grzes: 2. Dragon's enemy by t1na: (but she seems to delete it so the archive: 3. Viserion's Gate by AnthonyAvon: 4. Retribution by TamplierPainter: 5. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm cinematic (screenshot). 6. Space Warp Machine Day by 2buiArt: 7. Warhammer: Mark of Chaos wallpaper - 8. Beginning Of A Great Journey by FrankAtt: 9. Starcraft 2 Loading screen: 10. Ash by wlop: 11. Red Dragon v2 by sandara: 12. Charge by JonasDeRo: 13. Wind Queen by rustikuz: 14. Gods Of Sound by JonasDeRo: 15. 空へ by 磯部トースト: 16. God of War Fan art by thiennh2: 17. Adventurers by sandara: 18. Temple by CordobezWeee: 19. Guild Wars wallpaper: 20. Leap of Faith by caiomm: 21. Blue Dragon by sandara: 22. The Guardian of the Stars by ryky: 23. Diablo III wallpaper: 24. 25. God's Hourglass by ErikShoemaker: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Video edited by Long Phan Studio Follow us on: DISCLAIMBER: I do not own any of the materials (music/artworks). All rights belong to the original artists. If you are the content owner and want to remove it, please contact me at Thank you! #epicmusic #freyamusic #twostepsfromhell #epicmusic #freyamusic


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    Hello, Everyone Check it out NEW MIX

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    FuturisticHub Hace 6 meses

    Listened to this at 100 subscribers... now i've got almost 2.5 Million.

  • Faizan Munir Khan Rajput

    My cat heard this, now she is black panther ruling Wakanda.

  • Pepijn Kruiswijk
    Pepijn Kruiswijk Hace 4 días

    listened to this while studying Dutch history.

  • Maverick Iligan
    Maverick Iligan Hace 2 meses

    Never has opening a jar of pickles been this glorious.

  • Mr L
    Mr L Hace 2 días

    I'm a Brain Surgeon, I listen to this song whenever I cut through my patient head. My operation success rate have increase from 80% to 95%.

  • YoureAFailure
    YoureAFailure Hace 4 meses (editado)

    I was doing my homework...why am I now in the middle of this wasteland?

    STEEPHEN Hace 2 días

    The broken left side of my earphone started working after i played this.

  • Keith Dz'Wairo
    Keith Dz'Wairo Hace 2 semanas

    *Salutes the Math I just annihilated whilst listening to

    SMASHER-UBZ Hace 2 meses

    A moment of silence for those who can't find this...

  • Cuyo Historiador
    Cuyo Historiador Hace 3 meses

    0 steps from hell is hell

  • Rin exorcist Okumuro
    Rin exorcist Okumuro Hace 2 días

    i actually started daydreaming while listining to this in school and had re-read the crucible because i was daydreaming the devil smashing salem

  • dan30000
    dan30000 Hace 1 semana

    Listen to this while reading Solo Leveling. Its such a great match. I promise you won't regret it.

  • StormHeart
    StormHeart Hace 3 meses

    Me after listening to this.

  • Frinca_Weigl
    Frinca_Weigl Hace 1 año

    Soldier: "Sir we're surrounded!"

  • WOLF
    WOLF Hace 4 meses

    I wish I was in a fantasy world, being a guy with my horse, traveling from land to land,fighting anything in my way,nothing to achieve, just travel and discover everything I can

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    Damn I accidentally let the first humans listen to this a few million years ago

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    who's also moving their legs and scrolling down the comments?

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    i'm going to listen to this while playing league of legends

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    Studies without music: bored, about to fall asleep, distracted